General Guidelines

The PAPS issue of the Journal if Pediatric Surgery is published in December of the same year of the meeting. Publisher deadlines require that the final revised and edited versions of the manuscripts, together with any illustrations, must be received by the Editor-in-Chief by the August 1st. Typically authors will have a four to six week period between notification of acceptance of their abstract as an oral presentation and the deadline for submission of manuscripts. In some years this may be reduced due to the Annual Meeting occurring earlier in the year and an extension of the date of abstract submission by the Scientific and Local Organising Committee. As the dates of the Annual Meeting vary sometime between early April and early June each year, authors considering a publication based on their abstract are strongly encouraged to commence preparation well before receipt of acceptance of their abstract. A key difference between direct submissions to the journal (with no specific issue or set date of publication) versus the Societal issues remains the very tight timelines for publication which require authors to carefully plan ahead and manage their time appropriately

In general, authors should follow the guidelines of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery when preparing their manuscript ( Specific guidelines for the PAPS Societal Issue are listed below. It is vital that you submit your manuscript through the societal web page ( and NOT the journal web page. By submitting their work to the society for consideration for publication, authors are agreeing that the manuscript represents their own original work, that all authors have made an appropriate contribution and are in agreement with the contents and that the manuscript has not been submitted, accepted or published to, by or in another journal.

Authors must observe three key points for their manuscript to be considered for publication:

  1. All manuscripts must have an author or sponsor who is a financial member of the association: this person should be clearly identified on the title page
  2. For authors whose first language is not English are required to submit a statement from an English-language proof reading service that the manuscript meets journal standards. The publisher can provide this service on line via the following link:
  3. The main manuscript file should be blinded to help ensure that the review process can be made as fair, objective and balanced as possible.

Following submission of the manuscript by the corresponding author, the manuscript will initially be reviewed by the Chair of the Publication Committee. Manuscripts not meeting the Societal Issue journal submission requirements will be un-submitted and returned to the corresponding author for revision before being considered for review. Some allowance will be made for authors with limited English language skills and/or limited resources in their country of origin to aid scientific publication. Authors with specific difficulties not covered in Frequently Asked Questions are encouraged to contact the Chair directly to discuss their needs prior to submission.

Once accepted for submission, manuscripts will be allocated in a blinded fashion to two independent reviewers. Reviewers are PAPS members and general Pediatric Surgeons that have kindly volunteered their time and expertise to review manuscripts to assist our organisation. In some cases, manuscripts will be subject to a third independent review, especially if the methodology would not be one familiar to most general Pediatric Surgeons. Authors are advised to consider the readership of the journal when considering the suitability of their manuscript for publication and use appropriate terminology and explanations for a clinical rather than basic science audience.

All manuscripts will then be reviewed and discussed by the entire committee. The Chair presents a summary of the manuscript, with reviewers invited to defend their assessment before a final judgement is made in favor of acceptance or rejection. Very few, if any, manuscripts will be accepted without requiring some revisions. Overall, typically 20% of submissions will be accepted with minor revisions, 40% with major revisions and 40% will be rejected. The Chair of the committee will collate the reviewers' comments and those of the meeting and advise authors as soon as possible via email after the meeting. Generally this will be within one week of the end of the Annual Meeting.

If your manuscript has been accepted subject to revisions, you will be required to address the reviewers' comments and resubmit your manuscript. Note that the acceptance will always be provisional and subject to a satisfactory response to the reviewers comments. Again, authors should follow the Journal of Pediatric Surgery guidelines in drafting their response, with a clear covering letter itemizing their response to each point made by the reviewers. Revisions submitted that do not meet this requirement will be un-submitted. Typically authors will have approximately four weeks from the date of notification of the decision of the Publication Committee requiring revisions and the deadline for submission of revisions. Authors are again encouraged to plan to anticipate this deadline, which may be shorter when the Annual Meeting occurs later in the year. In approximately 10 to 20% of cases, the reviewers may require further revisions to your manuscript before final acceptance. These final revisions generally must be completed within a very short time frame, typically one to two weeks. All accepted manuscripts undergo a final review by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, who has the final say in relation to publication of all manuscripts.

If your manuscript has been rejected, or the reviewers consider your revisions do not adequately respond to their concerns, the manuscript will not be accepted for publication in the PAPS edition of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery. Authors are encouraged to carefully consider the reviewers comments and suggestions for improvement of their manuscript. Authors may wish to submit directly to the Journal of Pediatric Surgery (but even if subsequently accepted the manuscript would not be published in the societal issue) or consider submission to another journal.