Global Alliance Partnership (GAP)

Candidates must reside and practice in a low- or middle-income  country, as defined annually by the World Bank.  They must have completed their pediatric surgery training prior to applying.

PAPS prefers that candidates seek a PAPS member to nominate them for the GAP program. Nominations of candidates can be made to the GAP Chair or Vice-Chair by any PAPS member in good standing. Candidates can also directly ask the GAP Chair or Vice-Chair to nominate them if they do not know any PAPS members. The deadline for nominations is October 1 of the year preceding the PAPS meeting.

The candidate should not have the resources to provide his/her own funding to attend the meeting.

PAPS shall provide to the GAP guest(s) the following:   Registration for the annual meeting, roundtrip economy airfare to the meeting and any arranged observership sponsored by the Local Arrangements Chair either before or after the meeting, hotel room and meal expenses for the meeting and observership, $300(US) for miscellaneous expenses, and a textbook of choice.  In addition, membership to PAPS shall be granted without fees for a period of five (5) years following the meeting.

Each GAP guest shall be expected to deliver a presentation at the annual meeting. He/she shall be asked to submit the title and short summary of his/her presentation to the GAP Committee Chair and the Program Committee Chair by March 1 of the year of the meeting. He/she shall also be encouraged to submit an abstract to the scientific program if he/she so wishes. However, such abstract shall be judged using similar criteria as all submitted abstracts.

Expenses for family members are not provided.

GAP Forms

Nomination and application forms should be forwarded to:

Marilyn Butler, MD
501 N. Graham Street, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97227-2008
[email protected]

Sherif Emil, MD,CM
The Montreal Children's Hospital
1001 Decarie Boulevard, Room B 04.2028
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H4J 3A1
[email protected]


Past GAP Chairs

M. James Warden 1987–99
Phillip A. King 1999–04
Cynthia Reyes 2004–14

Past GAP Participants

Year Name Country/Region
1989 Mario Venela Chile
Luis Pedroza Mexico
1990 Luis Canchez Peru
1991 Nguyen Xuan Thu Vietnam
1992 Leopoldo Torres Mexico
1994 Xisheng Zhang China
Amaung Maung Myanmar
1996 Zhou Yuan China
1997 Ricardo Peniche Mexico
1998 Chi Mean Hea Cambodia
1999 Alexsey Podkamenev Russia
2000 Luis Mondragon Mexico
2001 Shan Zheng China
2002 Sandra Montedonico-Rimassa Chile
Anna Shapkina Russia
2003 Sar Vuthy Cambodia
2004 Mclee Aite Mathew Papua New Guniea
2005 Alejandro Ayon Nicaragua
2006 Surachai Saranrittichel Thailand
2007 Safwat Andrawes Kenya
2008 Daniel Acosta Farina Ecuador
2009 Nguyen Kinh Bang Vietnam
2010 Hoxson Okti Poki Papua New Guinea
Jitoko K. Cama Fiji Island
2011 Jose Moledo Venezuela
Julian Luna Montalvan Ecuador
2013 Ben Yapo Papua New Guinea
Josese Turagava Fiji Island
2014 Marcus Lester Suntay Philippines
2015 Leecarlo Millano Indonesia
  Juan Francisco Campos Rodezno El Salvador
2016 Basil Leodoro Vanuatu
  Dinh Quang Le Thanh Vietnam
2017 Jack Mulu Papua New Guinea
2018 Sumit Dhuria India
2019 Mohammad Rafi Fazli
Dunya Moghul