Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I would like to submit a manuscript based on my abstract. How do I find out if I can submit a manuscript?
    All authors whose abstracts have been accepted for an oral presentation (short or full) are eligible to submit a manuscript. Authors will be notified at the time of acceptance of their manuscript via e-mail whether or not they are eligible.

  2. How much notice will I have before the between acceptance of my abstract and the deadline for submissions of completed manuscripts?
    Generally authors will have between 4 to 6 weeks notification, but the deadline may be as short as 3 weeks. This variation reflects the difference in the timing of the date of the meeting and any extensions to the deadline of abstracts submissions offered by the local meeting organizer and the Scientific Committee Chair.

  3. My abstract has been accepted and will be considered for the PAPS prize. Do I need to submit a manuscript?
    Yes. Authors being considered for the PAPS Prize MUST submit a manuscript.

  4. Can I ask for an extension of the deadline?
    Generally no. Manuscripts needs to be initially assessed by the chair, allocated to 2 or 3 independent reviewers and the reviews collated for presentation to the entire publications committee prior to the first day of the annual meeting. Reviewers donate their time and expertise to the association pro bono and clearly require adequate time to assess manuscripts thoroughly. Typically this requires between 6 to 8 weeks between the close of manuscript submissions and the first day of the meeting.

  5. How should I submit my completed manuscript?
    All submissions for the PAPS Societal Issue of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery should be via the association's web page (

  6. What do I do if none of the authors is a current financial PAPS member?
    All submitted manuscripts MUST either have a financial member of the association as an author, or be sponsored by a financial member.

  7. How do I find a member to sponsor my manuscript?
    Corresponding authors are advised to discuss with their senior colleagues who should be able to identify a member within their organization or city. If no member can be identified, the corresponding author should contact the Chair of the Publications Committee Andrew Holland <[email protected]> for advice.

  8. My first language is not English. How do I obtain a certificate from an English-language proof reading service?
    Authors are encouraged to use the journal publisher's own on-line service: Other services may be accepted but only at the discretion of the Chair of the Publications Committee.

  9. How do I blind my manuscript?
    Authors should submit a separate, blinded version of the manuscript which does not include a title page with the name, address and contact details of the contributing authors. Except when essential, the organization at which the study was performed should not be identified in the text.

  10. Are there specific guidelines in relation to the organization and layout of the manuscript?
    Authors are advised to carefully study and review the journal guidelines: ( Manuscripts that do not comply with the guidelines will be un-submitted and returned to authors for review prior to re-submission. Authors are strongly advised to comply with journal guidelines in relation to the number, quality and size of illustrations and figures.

  11. I would like to include color illustrations in my manuscript. How much does this cost?
    Monochrome illustrations may be included at no additional cost. Color illustrations cost approximately US$250 for the first illustration, with an additional cost for subsequent figures. Authors will be advised by the publisher following acceptance of the exact cost and how to pay the necessary fees.

  12. I have already submitted my manuscript to another journal. Can I still submit for inclusion in the Societal Issue of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery?
    No. Redundant or dual publication is a serious offense and represents a breach of the publication ethics policies for medical journals (

  13. My manuscript has been provisionally accepted by the PAPS Publications Committee. Can I now cite this as a publication on my Curriculum Vitae, Departmental or Institutional Web page?
    No. Provisional acceptance means just that: it is provisional subject to your response to the reviewer's comments. You can only cite the publication as having been accepted once these revisions have been made and approved by the Publications Committee.

  14. My manuscript was rejected. Can I submit it to the Journal of Pediatric Surgery or another journal directly?
    Yes. Authors are strongly advised to carefully consider the reviewers' comments and revise their manuscript to enhance the value of their work and increase the chances of publication outside the PAPS Societal Issue of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery.