A Message from the President

Founded in 1967, the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons (PAPS) is dedicated in supporting the growth of pediatric surgery by promoting both educational and social ties among its members around the world. Throughout the years, PAPS remained faithful to its value of diversity, inclusivity and social responsibility and attracted more and more pediatric surgeons to participate. PAPS and its annual meeting provides an ideal platform of communication and cooperation for pediatric surgeons around the world.

PAPS is always concerning about the situation of pediatric surgery in developing countries. Global Alliance Program (GAP) actively engages young pediatric surgeons from developing countries with a unique opportunity of scientific exchange and mentorship. I was honored to be supported by the GAP program in 2001. Since then, I grew up in the family of PAPS with gratitude, enthusiasm and courage and was elected as the President for 2019. I hope my story could encourage young pediatric surgeons with ambition to embrace the PAPS.

Every year, pediatric surgeons from all over the world gather together in Annual meetings, discussing latest happening in pediatric surgery, exchanging creative ideas. You will experience unique culture and customs in every annul meeting and enjoy the familiar atmosphere of friendship. I extend a warm hand of friendship to you to invite you to the 52nd Annual Meeting of PAPS held in Christchurch, New Zealand during March 10-14, 2019. PAPS2019 will be an enjoyment for all.

We look forward to seeing you in Christchurch.

Shan Zheng, MD, PhD