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About PAPS

PAPS is the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons.  Founded in 1967 by a small group of pediatric surgeons from Pacific Rim countries, the objective of the association is to promote both educational and social ties among its members.

There are currently 530 surgeons who are members of PAPS, residing in 23 countries.


2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

The 2020 PAPS VIRTUAL Tainan, Taiwan meeting will be held in November 8-12, 2020.

Registration is now OPEN!

For meeting information, go to

Tainan Park. Tainan, Taiwan will host the 2020 meeting


In Memorium

In Memoriam: Harry Applebaum, MD, November 13, 1945 to July 31, 2019

 Dr. Harry Applebaum, a colleague and dear friend passed away on July 31, 2019.

Dr. Applebaum was born in New York City.  He obtained Bachelor and Medical Degrees at the University of Michigan at Ann Harbor.  His General Surgery training was completed at Mt. Sinai Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital in New York and New York Medical College Affiliated Hospitals.  Further specialization was obtained in fellowships in Renal Transplantation at Columbia, Pediatric Surgical Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and General Pediatric Surgery at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia.

Dr. Applebaum provided surgical care for children at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, UCLA Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA), and Northridge Medical Center.  He was the first pediatric surgeon to join the Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG) which currently has a large, thriving pediatric surgery practice.

Dr. Applebaum published over 70 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and gave over 70 presentations world-wide.  He was a long-time leader in the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons, serving as Program and Publications Committees Chair, Annual Meeting Chair, Governor, Secretary and ultimately as President in 2010-2011.  In the American Pediatric Surgical Association, he was chair of the Membership/Credentials, Education, CME and Practice Committees.  As a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Harry served as Governor and an active leader of the Southern California Chapter that promoted his presidency in 2019.  In addition, Harry participated actively in the Children’s Cancer Group and the Children’s Oncology Group, serving on multiple protocol committees and as a principal investigator. 

Dr. Applebaum loved his work and teaching pediatric surgery.  His greatest legacy is the inspiration of many pediatric surgical careers which have been chronicled through his love of photography. 

Harry is survived by his wife Dr. Linda Feinfeld Applebaum, his children Amy and Mark, who are also physicians, and his grandchildren Noah, Ethan, Benjamin, Sylvie and Eva.  He is deeply missed.

 L. Andrew DiFronzo, MD, FACS and Cynthia Reyes, MD, FACS, FAAP


Global Alliance Partnership (GAP)

James Warden MD established the Global Alliance Partnership for the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons. Dr. Warden realized the need for young pediatric surgeons in developing countries to be exposed to the current science and art of pediatric surgery. He conceived of the idea that the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons could sponsor young surgeons to attend the annual meeting. The program began in 1989 assisting surgeons from Pacific Rim countries and now invites pediatric surgeons from any low or middle-income country to apply.  The GAP program is provided through the generosity of donations from PAPS members and, most recently, with assistance from the Scinto Foundation.  Please go to the GAP tab under Membership to see program details and application forms.



Become a Member

How To Become an Active Member

  1. Membership Eligibility – All applicants must devote at least 90% of their professional time to pediatric surgery.
    1. Geographic- The member must currently practice pediatric surgery in a country bordering the Pacific Ocean. If a member moves out of the Pacific area, membership may be retained by fulfilling the other membership requirements. The geographic member applicant must have practiced pediatric surgery for a minimum of one (1) year prior to applying for membership. He/She must continue to practice in the area in order to become a member.
    2. Invited –  The member must have attended at least three (3) PAPS meetings after completion of training in the past 10 years and be an active participant in the PAPS meetings. While not required, the Board will consider persons who have trained in the Pacific area more favorably.  
  2. The Application Process:
    1. Any member, by letter to the Secretary, may sponsor a candidate for geographic membership
    2. A board member must sponsor applicants for invited membership.
    3. The  Membership Application Form may be obtained from the PAPS website or from the secretary.
    4. The completed application and accompanying documentation must be submitted to the membership committee chair 2 weeks before the annual meeting to be considered at the Board meeting.
    5. The application must be accompanied by the following:
      1. Curriculum Vitae
      2. Certification of training from his/her training director (if possible), of the current training director.
      3. A letter from the sponsoring active member of PAPS.
      4. Supporting letters from two active members of PAPS.
      5. Invited member applicants must list the PAPS meetings attended (following completion of training) in the preceding ten years.
  3. Election to Membership:
    1. Candidates must first be approved by the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting, and must then be elected by a membership vote.
    2. Membership for successful candidates begins on September 1st of the year in which they are elected.
  4. Contact information:
    1. Membership Committee Chair: Cynthia Reyes, [email protected]
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